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Carbon Neutral Pilot Training

Three Counties Flying School is introducing its Green Initiative with its first Carbon Neutral flight training program. We have taken delivery of the world’s first, type certified, electric aircraft. The latest additions to our fleet are the Pipistrel Velis and Virus sw121. We are thus pleased to offer a greener option to students.


You can commence training in these aircraft as a carbon neutral, alternative to conventional piston powered aircraft. Looking ahead, one of the most pressing issues facing our planet, is global warming. Recognising this we are pleased to take the first steps, towards a greener future.

Our aim is to complete some of the training in the electric aircraft. However, currently we are unable to complete the longer cross-country navigation exercises in the electric aircraft. For these we will use the ultra-low emissions Pipistrel Virus. These flights will be carbon offset, providing carbon neutral training sessions.

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