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PPL Training


PPL (A) General Information

There is no minimum age to begin training, but any hours flown prior to the age of 14 cannot be counted towards the experience requirements for the PPL. Students may fly solo once they have reached the age of 16, and must be 17 or older at the time of their flight test.
The PPL license is valid for a lifetime, but qualifications m
ust be renewed as instructed.

Training Requirements

Our approved course of training consists of 19 flight exercises covering everything from basic handling to navigation and emergencies. To apply for your PPL, you must complete at least 45 hours of flight time as a pilot of aeroplanes. This must include: 

  • 25 hours of dual instruction

  • 10 hours supervised solo time, which must include;

  • 5 hours solo-cross country flight time

  • A qualifying cross country flight

The qualifying cross country flight must be at least 150 nautical miles in distance, landing at two different airfields. Note that whilst the minimum total time required is 45 hours, students will often take a little longer, typically 45 – 65 hours, to complete their training.

Credits towards the issue of a PPL are available, based on previous experience or qualifications, such as previous training flights, experience in motor gliders, and the like. 

Theoretical Exams

The following knowledge exams must be completed prior to undertaking the final flight test: 

  • Air Law

  • Operational Procedures

  • Navigation & Radio Aids

  • Meteorology

  • Aircraft General Knowledge

  • Principles of Flight

  • Flight Performance and Planning

  • Communications

  • Human Performance and Limitations

The exams contain multiple-choice questions. The final exam must be completed within 18 months of the first one. Once they’re all done, the exams are valid for a further 24 months so the final flight test must be completed by this time. Generally, preparation for the exams is done by self-study but can be complemented by our online ground school.


Skills Test

Once the training is complete and all theoretical exams passed, you are ready for the flight skills test with a CAA Authorised Examiner. The skills test examines your navigation and general handling abilities. Don’t worry, you’ll be well prepared by then!
The approximate cost will be between £9,500 and £10,500

Medical Requirements

A student for the PPL (A) will require either a Class 1 or Class 2 Medical Certificate prior to their first solo flight onwards. A Class 2 Medical Certificate is valid for 5 years and can be obtained from a UK Civil Aviation Authority Authorised Medical Examiner (AME).

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