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IMC Rating


The IMC rating qualifies you to fly IFR in class D to G airspace, together with making instrument approaches down to an absolute minimum of 500 feet. The course consists of 15 hours of dual instruction, a simple written exam and a flight test.


Instruction includes: 

Instrument flying (full and limited panel)


Unusual attitude recoveries

Instrument approaches (ILS, NDB, VOR, SRA, RNAV)

Radio Navigation

Validity is for 25 months and requires a test to revalidate.


Course entry requirements: 

25 hours flying time since PPL issue of which

10 hours must be PIC including 5 hours cross-country

The IMC rating is recorded on your licence as an IR(R) – Instrument Rating (Restricted) – or if you maintain your CAA licence, it remains as an IMC. Please note that the rating cannot be added to a LAPL, it is also only recognised within UK airspace.

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