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30 Minute Trial Flying Lesson - 2 Seat Light Aircraft

30 Minute Trial Flying Lesson - 2 Seat Light Aircraft

Embark on a 30-minute trial flying lesson that puts you in the pilot's seat for a majority of the experience, with an impressive 20 minutes of airborne excitement. Your adventure begins with a comprehensive pre-flight briefing where your flight instructor will guide you through the essentials of aviation and ensure you're comfortable with the controls. Once airborne, you'll have an opportunity to command the aircraft, performing turns, climbs, and descents under the watchful eye of your instructor. With a weight limit of 95kg, the experience is tailored to ensure optimal safety and performance. For aspiring pilot, this hands-on lesson promises an unforgettable journey through the skies, allowing you to savor the freedom of flight in a controlled and exhilarating environment.

You can make your purchase online, or simply give us a call at 01909 600231 to reserve your spot.

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